The indigenous women’s dress

Tourist with indigenous corte

The indigenous women’s dress is known as corte (the bottom part or skirt that is). The corte translates roughly as cut or a piece. It is one of the most attractive subjects to see and photograph. It makes many tourists go click-crazy and it is quite understandable. I wonder what the indigenous women and men feel to be exposed and prone to a constant clicking; sort of like being chased by paparazzi photographers, I guess.

In our last visit to Sabor Cubano, there was a group of tourists who were wearing indigenous clothing and I could not resist to pull the camera. Here is the photograph of a tourist wearing the indigenous dress.

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  • real fine work ..hopefully people buy them as much as they like to take photos of it 🙂

  • sompopo

    Before Jerry Garcia died and the Greatful Dead were still touring, Guatemala clothing was very popular with the hippies. We had friends who would travel to Guatemala to buy the clothes and bring them back here to the states to sell at the shows. This was how they financed their travels across the United States to follow the dead from show to show. Those were the days…………

  • Doesn’t look quite the same on a gringa, tho. The weave is still fantastic!! Incidentally, I NEVER take a people photo without asking first. Seems to be the only polite and culturally sensitive thing to do, no? If a stranger took mine without asking, I’d like to break more than the camera.

  • Meg

    My mom is going to Guatemala on on a weavers’ trip in November just to see all the textiles. A trip of a lifetime for her, really. I don’t think she’ll dress up like this woman, but I’m hoping I’ll get some samples of the textile as a present, too! Fingers and toes crossed!

  • Ale

    “Paseando por la Antigua” one time I saw a gringo couple taking pictures of the indigenas at the park, and It really bothers me (althoug I understand the atraction) anyways, I took my camera out and I start shooting pics at them, It was quite funny, they look at me quite upset, but I keep doing it anyways, I live in the US, and it will be very rude start taking pictures of people in the street like they were animals at the zoo, you could get in troubles doing it. I agree that there’s an honest atraction for people and places that are exotic to foreings but they are people as well, a little of empathy won’t be a bad idea.
    Regarding the “cortes” they are beautiful, and I think the “canchita” doesn’t look bad at all, it not the same, i know, but looks nice.

  • I think it suits her quite nicely!

  • patsy poor

    the blouse the lady is wearing is lovely. i never take anyone’s photo without asking a person could get a black eye that way. of course i don’t tell them i am going to put them on the net. sort of don’t ask don’t tell.

  • I think it is wonderful how Guatemala reveres it’s history and culture. We just don’t see that much in Honduras, where everyone and everything tries to be a copy of something North American. It’s very sad to me.

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  • mel

    wow purty dress!!! heheheheh lol

  • Womens Sun Dresses

    Thanks for introducing me to the corte. This is indeed a beautiful dress, with colours and patterns and textures like this, no wonder it keeps the tourists fingers snapping those photos!