Doña Marí­a Gordillo Candy Store

Doña Marí­a Gordillo's candy

Dulcerí­a is the Spanish word for candy store and La Dulcerí­a de Doña Marí­a Gordillo is probably the most famous candy store in Guatemala. The now-famous candy store has been reviewed and profiled in numerous magazines and newspapers. The land and house where is located the world-famous candy store has a history that begins in 1546, a little over 460 years ago. The candy shop, however, was established about 130 years ago. Here is the other side of the store.

Next to the candy jars, to your left, there is a magazine which has a photo of the candy store on the cover, can you tell me what the name of the magazine is? if you do and also tell me what the web address is for the magazine, I will send you a post card and a few postage stamps. Let the game begin!

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  • The name of magazine is ‘Galería’ but the web address .. dunno 🙂

  • Hi Rudy,
    Yes, Galeria (can’t do the accent on my computer) is fairly easy to read but after that, I’m stuck.
    Anyway Rudy, you’ve do it again, Your shop and food photos are alway so real it feels like you could feast on it here and now. Thanks and well done !!!
    A repeat fan from the other side of the Pacific

  • Enrico

    Here is the website:

    I will send you a separate email to the postcard. Thanks. Great picture. Enrico

  • Well, Enrico beat me to it, but it’s an interesting photo and story anyway!

  • Wow! the answer was revealed on the third comment. Enrico, I will be waiting for your mailing address.

  • Eduardo

    Where’s all the candy? You need a followup with all the delicious treats they sell there. I miss that place so much!

  • I’m late! Would love to receive a postcard & stamps from Guatamala. btw, I collect stamps.

    Hello from Singapore! Love your blog & the posts on your country.
    How do I buy one of those owl banks? they are so beautiful!

    Best wishes.

  • As everything in Antigua, the candy store is quite coloful.
    I love candies and would love to try the ones Doña María sells… Ñam Ñam.

    Greetings from Chile

  • un rincón de dulzura… y xq no, de historia también.

    saludos desde Perú

  • Meg

    It’s a long shot, but I’m going to go for Galeria and – howzzat?

  • Yay! I love this place.

  • Brenda D Lemus

    Yo soy guatemalteca y vivo en los Estados Unidos. No frecuento Guatemala tanto como quisiera, por tanto extrano la comida y dulces guatemaltecos. Crei que al encontrar su web site iba a poder ordenar los famosos dulces guatemaltecos que ustedes vienen haciendo desde hace 70 anos. Para mi gran desilucion, ustedes lo que venden son dulces comunes y corrientes que yo puedo encontrar en los Estados Unidos sin problema alguno. Es mas, ni me interesan los dulces de ninguna parte, excepto los de Guatemala. Por tanto, quisiera saber por que ustedes no venden sus dulces tipicos por el Internet, pues yo estoy interesada en comprar los dulces. Estoy tan interesada que si ustedes no quieren venderlos por el Internet, talves yo podria hacerlo.

    Sean tan amables de responderme a mi pregunta, por favor. Se los agradecere.


    Brenda D Lemus

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  • bernice


    Does anyone know if this store sells candy online and ships to the United States? Or if any exist?

    Thank You