Sunday stroll with the family

Sunday stroll with the family

You may remember this red wall from the Pick your color #1 entry. These are some of adjectives our visitors use for this wall: It’s warm and an old color, red is more passionate—alive, red is like blood, rojo sangre de toro, et-cetera (you can read all the comments by clicking the link Pick your color #1). After receiving such great feedback, I decided to give this wall a second shot.

Other things we can observe in the photo are: 1. Guatemalan families are very tight, especially the Indigenous families. 2. Most Indigeous women wear their native hand-woven clothing, and men do not. 3. The wall is due for a new paint job.

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  • I love this photo. The women’s clothing are so bright and cheerful. I think they must be headed to or from church.

    Yes the wall needs painting but it makes an interesting picture this way.

  • Faye Pekas: I believe your assumption is correct about the church part. Also, I found the wall to be the perfect backdrop for the subject at hand.

    My apologies to all the regular visitors who have commented and did not receive a prompt reply. I had a very busy production and right after the deadline for the magazine, my wife and I took a very quick and short trip to Mexico. I am back now and I hope to be more prompt about the responses to your comments and feedback.

  • Tea

    That wall is sure a brilliant red! All the fabrics are so very colourful. I once had a little change purse in pretty blues with a pattern. It was my favorite!
    Love the stone wall also in the “buying folk art”post. That chef`s Salad looks delicious!
    Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 The cake was for my husband but we waited until the weekend when his boys came. So that`s why it says Dad 🙂


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