Ice Cream Handcarts around Parque Central

Ice cream carts

Blame it on the weather. Ice cream handcarts have appeared, like mushrooms, around Parque Central in Antigua. There are all kinds ice cream carts. Here you see the two handcarts for one of Guatemala’s national ice cream chain.

Countdown side note: Today’s entry is number 292 so far and we continue with a countdown to post 300th. Please, send the link of this site everyday to your friends and family for a few days and explain to them what we are trying to achieve. I will send the best ten photos (4″x6″) of this site to the person that makes the first comment after the 100,000 visit. See the entry on January 18th for further details.

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  • sompopo

    Dont’t they have an ice cream bar called “Tiger Tiger”, Striped with orange and Licorice?

  • I love the ice cream series – that’s one thing I have noticed about Guatemala since I’ve been here, and especially Antigua – there are so many ice cream shops and carts and just about everyone walks around with an ice cream cone in the afternoon.

  • The ice cream carts have special meaning for me. The first two times I stayed in Antigua a herd of ice cream carts headed home up the hill at dusk and spent the night across the street from the family we stayed with.

  • Sompopo: To be honest, I don’t know. Come back in two days to see the ice cream menu.

    Archana: Welcome back! I thought you weren’t here anymore or you have lost interest on the photos from this old town. Come back tomorrow and the days after for more ice cream series photos.

    Shelley: Wow, I wish I can photograph that. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • I have never seen this kind of ice-cream carts before!
    This Parque Central seems a lively place… I’ve seen also your last photos of it, maybe it’s in the city-center?
    Thank u for all your nice comments on Madrid DP. I’m very happy to show my personal vision of Madrid around the world 🙂 And be able to see lots of personal visions worldwide too!

  • LD

    There’s nothing quite like ice cream in Guatemala. Even the stuff at McDonald’s tastes better. I suppose the sun beating down on you could have something to do with it.

    Those ice cream vendors are smart cookies. They’d always show up when there was a protest. So along with the chants, you’d hear the dinging of the ice cream cart bells. For the people it was a time to be angry with the government; for the ice cream sellers, it meant more mouths for their ‘helados.’

  • Dsole: Well, like only Spanish cities around the world, La Antigua Guatemala was design on a grid of calles and avenidas going outward from El Parque Central. By the way, calles flow east-west and avenidas flow south-north.

    LD: Did you find the minidisc? You are so right about McDonald’s tasting better here. Regarding the ice cream handcart vendors and demonstrations and marches, you are correct too: it is great opportunity for selling ice cream, shaved-ice, water, sodas, etc. Check the shaved-ice link.

  • And do you know where that grid pattern design for cities comes from? The former capital of Tenerife: World Heritage site, La Laguna, considered to be the “blueprint” for all the Colonial Central/South American cities (which indeed, was adopted in many North American ones) that followed.

  • bravo ….très belles photos
    bonne journée