Student Marching Bands at Ermita de la Santa Cruz Ruins

Student Marching Bands at Ermita de la Santa Cruz Ruins

Here is better overview of the La Ermita de la Santa Cruz ruins and the trees that hug it. Also, you can see more students practicing for the big marching band competition which I believe will be next week. I will try to take a few snapshots for you and maybe a video clip.

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  • Nice photograph. I like this one too.

    I wanted to thank you for your visits to my blog. Thanks.

  • Meg

    I always wanted to be in the high school band…. but I can’t play an instrument and walk at the same time. My sister thought about joining the police force because our city’s police band was not to shabby. SHE could play and march at the same time, no problem.

  • I like the contrast of the band practicing in front of historic ruins.

  • Man, seeing this sure brings back memories. I was in the marching band all through high school playing percussion and it was some of the best times I ever had the fortune to experience.

  • I love this kind of photograph. Young people enjoying an afternoon with music and each other. I hope they do well in the competition!

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