La Antigua Guatemala’s Main Exit

La Antigua Guatemala's Main Exit

Too bad this is the main exit street for La Antigua Guatemala if you are going to Guatemala City, also known as 4a calle oriente. If this was the main entrance, you could see the Fire and Acatenago volcanoes right above the Spanish-tile rooftops. This is the last thing you see also as you wave goodbye to La Antigua Guatemala.

I am almost sure, some of you would rather say hasta la vista, baby.

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  • Dina

    LOVE this pic!Great capture.
    I Would much rather be on the Entrance though!

  • Gorgeous picture. The mountain setting just takes my breath away.

    –steve buser
    New Oleans Daily Photo
    is 100 (posts) today.

  • Anne Groombridge

    Although this photo captures the absolutely magical light that I so love about Antigua, it also makes me very sad! I hate leaving Antigua, and when I see this place I always think about the long days ahead before I can return another time.

  • doesn’t look like many people are leaving.

  • awwww i love the view of the volcano. very nice.

  • Beauty of a photo. I’d certainly much rather be arriving than saying “hasta la vista!” 🙂

  • Dina, that is what I thought you would say.

    Steve, the mountain range you see in the background is actually two volcanoes.

    Anne, I am sorry this picture made you sad. You know you can always just yell to stop the bus and get off or come back as often as you please.

    Patsy, actually this photo was a difficult capture because I had to wait for a while until there were not too much traffic passing by.

    Travelphilippines, the view is composed of Fire and Acatenango volcanoes.

    ColtraneLives, that is exactly what I thought some of you may say.

  • Esta y las dos fotos que anteceden, son sencillamente bellisimas!!! A pesar que la Antigua es sinigual y hermosa, tiene que ver mucho la capacidad del fotografo!!!

  • Manuela

    Actually, this WAS the original entrance to the city.

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