Guatemalan Indigenous Singers

Guatemalan Indigenous Singers

These Indigenous people came from Santa Clara La Laguna, Solola, to sing and collect some money from the good Samaritans visiting or living in La Antigua Guatemala. Everything was fine until the Municipal Police decided this was too exotic and this kind of activity may seemed too third world.

I find the singing of the indigenous people extremely haunting and touching, even though, they are singing evangelical hymns. To me this singing has another layer of pain and denouncing which is above the meaning of the words they sing; something much older and more mystical than the religious hymns brought by the European Christianity.

I don’t know, maybe I hearing more than what really is there… what do you think?

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  • It does sound like something much much older than Christianity. They are like terrorists spreading the word of love and an ancient lament. Guerrilla preachers of the 21st Century.
    Your caption made me think of the use of Christian hymns by the black slaves on the U.S. South full of code words about freedom and the promise land, which in the context of the underground railroad was Canada. And this has been your Black History Month moment brought to you by… (insert your favourite corporation you love to hate here).

  • Claudia

    looks like the cops left w/out collecting their “mordida”

  • So, what happened after the film stopped? Did la chota really make them leave?

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