Sabe Rico Sign in Antigua Guatemala

Sabe Rico Sign in Antigua Guatemala

Obviously not all the signs are for new business. Sometimes, there are business which did not succeed and their local is taken over by a new business or by another looking to expand into a larger space. That’s the case here: The Sabe Rico Delicatessen Chocolaterí­a has taken over the space previously occupied by Tortas Locas Hipocampo Restaurant; which is no more. C’est la vie!

Money literally grew on trees in Guatemala, the land formerly known as The Maya Empire. Did you know Guatemala was the birthplace of chocolate? Money, chocolate, Rudy—man you’re really losing your nuts and are not making any sense whatsoever. Well, I let my fellow country(wo)men explain…

Can somebody explain to me what kind of product do you find at delicatessen chocolaterí­a?

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  • Javier

    Well, I believe chocote was used as barter, during the Mayan Empire. If I am not mistaken, you are not losing you mind Rudy. Chocolate was used as money.

  • Duh

    Um…at a deli chocolaterie, you would find…um..lemme think; deli food and chocolate? yeah…. i think that’s it