Pre-Primary School Parade in La Antigua Guatemala

Pre-Primary School Parade in Antigua

Guatemala’s public educational system is divided as follows: Pre-Primaria (Pre-primary also known as párvulos and kindergarten), Primaria (Primary school 1st to 6th grade), Secundaria (Secundary school, 3 years known as 1st basic through 3rd basic or Básicos) and Diversificado (3 years corresponding to the last years of High School; also known as Preparataria in other parts of Latin America).

Okay, with that in mind, the schedule for Independence Day Celebrations begins with celebrations and parade for Pre-Primaria on the 13th of September; celebrations activities and parade on the 14th for Primaria and last but not least, on September 15th the full blown party, activities, parades and firecracker burning for Secundaria and Diversificado.

FREE EDUCATION ASIDE: Today it was made official that in Guatemala public education will FREE starting 2009 school year. Until now, parents had to pay for registration and other miscellaneous fees even though it was mandated by the Guatemalan Constitution that everyone had the right to free education. This mandate of the Constitution had been broken since 1968 when it was permitted to charge for student’s registration. Finally I see a sign of the Social Democrat government we voted into office. 🙂

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  • They’re so cute!

    Congratulations to Guatemala for the free public education! And much luck to your country too! The Philippines has always offered free public education, but it has slowly been deteriorating over the decades. Now we’re hard put to compete with other Asian countries. It’s sad.

  • MaggieD

    O.k., Rudy – after the Independance Day stuff is over and you are looking for more ideas, I would love to see more “behind those doors” scenes. I remember you had one px a couple of years ago, and I know it would be challange, but maybe you have friends who wouldn’t mind sharing px of their homes, those beautiful courtyards and gardens that are hidden “behind the doors.” I was sad that I missed a ‘tour of homes’ the last time I was there and perhaps folks would enjoy seeing this otherwise invisible-to-tourists aspect of LAG.

  • @Hilda, ironically Guatemala’s free education was not free because a presidential decree in 1968 allowed for charging registration and other miscellaneous fees. The quality of the free public education in Guatemala is cause for much debate; same as in the Philippines. By the way, thanks so much your continued visits and feedback.

    @MaggieD, I had plan a food series for next week, but if you want I can cancel that. Let take my intruder suit and see if I come back with some new spy-paparazzi photos. 😉

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