Pre-Primary School Girls in Uniform for Independence Day Celebrations

Pre-Primary School Girls in Uniform for Independence Day Celebrations

These little pre-primary school girls looked so cute with their uniforms for Independence Day Celebrations. I had to get the camera all the way on the floor to be able to catch them as they stride to find the position of their school in front of the Cathedral, in Central Park.

I really like the movement and angle in this picture; what do you think, does it work for you?

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  • I really like this picture, Rudy – I love their expressions of concentration. I noticed that on Sofia DP that it is independence day in Bulgaria today as well.

  • cynthia

    Great photo! I like the way you captured the two stepping out in those knee high boots.
    It made me wonder about marching on cobblestone streets…can’t be too comfortable.

  • Firstly the girls are incrdibly cute and so photogenic. Yes the low angle works really well and is one of favourites to use. Excellent work.

  • Eric

    Great photo, Rudy. Yes, the angle is fantastic. Las princesitas want so badly to look like their grown up counterparts in the parade – I think putting the camera on the ground helps convey their self image very well. Bien hecho.

  • Jerry T

    What cute little girls. Looks like they are very intent on their task. Gotta love those Guatemalan babies!

  • I agree! Love the perspective. Very cool.