Only in LAG: Refacciones Tí­picas

Only in LAG: Refacciones Tí­picas

One of favorite sections of the Los Angeles Times used to be Only in LA and I believe that when I started to collect some off-beat and quite outrageous images from Guatemala, I was definitely inspired by Only in LA.

With today’s image of a menu showing refacciones tí­picas (Guatemalan typical/traditional snacks) and displaying hamburger, cheese hamburger and hot dog as the options, I begin my very own category of Only in LAG; lag being the initials of La Antigua Guatemala.

Here other great shots of Only in Guatemala:

  1. Desayuno Chapí­n menu (Guatemalan breakfast) which starts with huevos a la mexicana.
  2. Sin inhibiciones (without inhibitions) which shows some kids naked inside the main fountain in Guatemala’s Main Square in a Sunday’s afternoon.
  3. Please, leave your weapon at the entrance which shows the little handgun lockers at the entrance of bank.

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  • Hey Rudy, I have read the Only in LA section of the LA Times. This picture definetely reminded me of that.

  • Tami

    I tried to view the links in this post but they take me to a login for

  • Lethe

    Years ago, at a bowling alley across the street from La Pradera mall in Guatemala City, there was a coat check room at the entry that had a similar sign. Only in Guatemala! (Don’t know if the bowling alley is still there today.)

  • Lethe

    Oh, the bowling alley sign was one of the “leave your weapons at the door” variety. (Sorry my previous post wasn’t clear).

  • cynthia

    The “postres” are way more enticing than the refacciones. Can anyone help me with the origins of that word ? I wasn’t familiar for that way of referring to snacks.