Antigua’s Door Knocker

Antigua's Door Knocker

Details, details, details.

Gustave Flaubert believed that God was in the details. Other people believe the devil hides in the details. What do you think?

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  • Definitely God, look at the amazing history in the wood of that door alone!

  • Rudy, Nice shot! Shelley

  • m_m

    I think God is in details:) Awesome photo! I like details!:)

  • cynthia s

    What a great shot. I have many photos of door knockers
    that I have captured during travels in Latin America and
    Spain. I have been fascinated by them ever since I made my first trip to Spain back in the 70s.

  • Thomas Wheeler

    Well Rudy Door Knockers have a history If you were a baker You would have , bread or rolling pin for a door Knocker or if you were a Cobbler you would have a shoe for a door knocker and so forth . I thought You would find this interesting Sincerely Thomas

  • Monica

    I love the shot!!! congrats!

  • wow, what a photo. great perspective and I love the details. I think your question has it right for both.

  • I really like this perspective.