Corner Window in Antigua Guatemala

Corner Window in Antigua Guatemala

Detalles, details, detalles.

Take a corner window, add a forged iron crate and a few plants and you have transformed a boring window into something beautiful. Well, at least that’s my opinion; what’s yours?

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  • m_m

    I think the same! Great photo! I like this!

  • Thomas Wheeler

    These are great windows, however some of them in town stick out to far and I bang my head on them . Lessen learned in my case watch where your walking –__– Thomas

  • kd

    Two and a half years ago I read Rudy’s request here:
    Rudy’s request
    for readers to send him a postcard of our hometown. I was getting ready for a trip to Antigua earlier this month and was inspired to see which would get there first: me or my postcard.

    Rudy reports the postcard arrived in six days! Pretty Zippy.

    I’ve been busy downloading all my trip photos today. None rival Rudy’s — If I had only been searching for wonderful shots of Antigua I would have been better off leaving my camera at home.

  • coltrane_lives

    Amazing iron work with the plants jutting through.

  • Thomas Wheeler

    Attention Kd To bad you just came home from Antiqua I’ll be there on the 19th of March . I’d like to meet any one in this group it would be interesting I met a person just 20 miles down the road from me and we never knew each other until then. [[ Rudy ]] I’m going to call You after the 22nd as you mentioned see you then at the Dona Luisa’s Sincerely Thomas