New Paint Job for Episcopal Palace

New Paint Job for Episcopal Palace

The adjacent building to the right of Cathedral of La Antigua Guatemala goes by the name of Palacio Episcopal (Episcopal Palace). This time even this palace will get a new facelift just in time for the Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Guatemala.

Now the above photo seems quite frankly ordinary, but there is an very interesting detail that makes this photograph an extraordinary vista from Guatemala. Can you guess or point out what it is? You may need to zoom in.

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  • Andi

    Is it that some of the workers are women?

  • It’s because there is a woman painting too.

  • Rudy, I would say it is the use of what appears to be safety harnesses on the tow working above. No OSHA here in LAG.

  • @Andi, that’s right, the fact that there construction worker women with the crew is amazing. I have never seen construction worker women in Guatemala.

    @Lucky, actually there are two women. :-))

    @Santiago, nice to have you back. You make a good point, I guess there are TWO interesting facts about the photo. 1. construction worker women and 2. safety harness for construction workers. See, slowly but surely Guatemala is moving out medieval times in some aspects while in others it’s still total darkness.

  • norm kwallek

    A paint mask but not being used by what looks like the boss and the only ones with fall protection are the ladies. The men are too macho to have it look like they care if they die in a fall or breath in toxic fumes but yes it is progress of a real sort. Nice photo.

  • @Norm, good eye and thanks for pointing all those things out.