The Return of Kitschy Broom-head Romans

The Return of Kitschy Broom-head Romans

Last year, on March 15th, I first introduced you the Broom-head Romans soldiers; I believe it was Domingo de Ramos or Palm Sunday as it is known in English. Below you can find my introductory text:

… it’s impossible not to publish photos like today’s. Talk about the idiosyncrasy of Guatemalans, have you ever seen a more convincing set of Roman Soldiers in your life?

Obviously, I tried to make a smart remark about how kitschy these Guatemalan Roman soldiers dress up with the insinuated idiosyncrasy of Guatemalans, but I believe I failed to convey the message.

So, I come out of the closet now and tell you I really find delightful the excessive garishness of the costumes of Guatemalan Roman soldiers, the clothes of the Holy Week figures, the golden-painted floats, in short, everything about the Holy Week celebrations in the villages and municipalities around La Antigua Guatemala. You may have to click on the photo above to see the fine or kitschy details of the Guatemalan-Roman soldier costumes.

Now guys, if given the opportunity, would you find an exhilarating experience to go out in public wearing a broom-head helmet, a bright-red cloak and a kitschy-looking Roman costume, wouldn’t you? Come on, live a little!

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  • Catherine from Oregon

    Oh Rudy, If you only knew how much I wish I was there for holy week! Your pictures are my only peek at the celebration. We will be coming with our surgery team May 15….hope to have dinner again and more stimulating conversation.

  • Eric

    Ja ja ja, I think the helmets are great. Typical Guatemalan ingenuity, I would say. And compared to some of the parade costumes I saw here in los EEUU for St. Patrick’s Day, they’re actually quite good.
    A big thanks to you, Alfredo and everyone re: the Parking fees in La Antigua. Thank you for giving us non-residents a little window into what daily life is really like in La Antigua. Ojala que llegare en La Antigua pronto.
    Rudy, save a chair at Fernando’s for me, por favor ?

  • Necessity is the mother of all invention. I personally like how people use all resources available to build or create what they need or want for Semana Santa. Unfortunately and due to work schedules, we were not able to stay longer in Antigua, but I was able to witness more than one procession…including the one that came out of La Merced on Palm Sunday, which was our last day there. We were able to track it during the day and even saw it up close before it came out. I was able to see details I will always treasure. Cheers.

  • Erick

    Como que no les alcanzo para la espada y el escudo. =)

    Gotta love that ingenuity though!

  • Claudia

    How I miss this . . . I agree w/ Carmen – you have to make do with what you have. THis is one tradition that I hope doesn’t dwindle –

  • Hahaha! We have the same thing — but add some masks too! 😀

  • Hi Rudy
    Just discovered your Antigua daily photo, you have put in a lot of work.
    OK the romans may be garish, who knows 1900 years ago they might have fitted right in. Not easy to look the part across so much time. As seen in Just Visiting a great french movie starring Jean Reno who really has trouble fitting in to modern day life.
    Great blog.