Breakfast at Doña Luisa

Breakfast at Doña Luisa

Oh how I wish I could be like Truman Capote and take this avalanche of twits, news, videos about a scandal developing right now in Guatemala City an turn it into a novella. But, like I said before, “… if Kafka had lived in Latin America, he surely would had been a clerk all of his life. This was said in reference to Kafka’s fantastic imagination, which it would have been kept in checked by the ordinary magical realism events in Latin America.” So for now and forever, the best I can do is to paraphrase or mimic the title of one of Capote’s best stories. 🙁

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  • Eric

    Rudy, I will leave the paraphrasing to you, because I will be staring at this photo of Dona Luisa’s and daydreaming about fresh fruit, fantastic coffee and anything else they decide to serve …. Ja ja ja. I missed Dona Luisa’s on my last trip, so maybe I need to pay her a visit this time, no ?
    Interesting angle on this photo. Makes me homesick for a little city that I don’t live in…

  • emromesco

    The scene and the comment made me think of Graham Greene (the author, not the actor) and The Quiet American. What a tele-novela you guys are living down there. Or better yet, and episode of 24 or Prison Break.

  • @Eric, anybody should do at least one meal at Doña Luisa. 😉

    @emromesco, you are the man! you know I was thinking of The Quiet American as I was posting this photo of a tranquil and mellow scene in LAG while the whole country crumbles. Sometimes, I think you and I are somehow connected in our thought processes when confronted with certain images and situations. After all, I guess you are still a Guatemalan, for better or worse. 😉

  • Erick

    I saw the videos (on youtube) of Rodrigo Rosenberg and wow, that is scary. I’m not sure if the attorney’s allegations were true or not (although being Guatemala, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if what he said was all true), but hopefully justice is done and his death does not go unpunished.

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