The Enchanting Nook

The Enchanting Nook

Rudy previously called it Stairway to Heaven. I call it The Enchanting Nook. Months ago, during my first visit to La Antigua in December of 2008, just a quick peek into the entryway of Hotel Centro Colonial Antigua was enough to draw me in so I could explore the beautiful grounds further. I had to laugh when I realized on this trip that I had been lured back to the very same place! It’s not just the decor, design and color of the hotel’s entryway… it’s the light. This place seems to be perfectly positioned to bounce and reflect everyday, natural light so eloquently – lighting up the neon-fanned leaves, the bronzed railings, the warm mossy and earth hues of the walls. This time, I was brave enough to venture beyond the magical stairway and the first floor.

Entonces… more photos of Hotel Centro Colonial to come!

text and photo by Laura McNamara

© 2009 – 2013, Laura McNamara. All rights reserved.

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  • Heavenly photo – it’s a gorgeous spot – no wonder you went back again!

  • Michele Woodey

    And theres those leaves again!……… Its a beautiful spot what is also so interesting is all the architectural and design elements juxtaposed together in this one small corner of Antigua; Arabic, Spanish, French ………… I wonder what anyone else can see?

  • what a beautiful place

  • Sheila

    love it! so beautiful, makes you wonder what’s behind the door.

  • @Leif: And I’m sure… I’ll go back yet again! 😉

    @Michele: juxtaposed… nice word! Nice eye spotting those leaves! 😉

    @Gabor: if you end up staying there… tell them I referred you! Kidding… 😉

    @Sheila: same goes for you! hehehe…

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