El Grito

Mayan Students Paradade

If there were an unofficial anthem for Guatemala, that would be El Grito. Most Guatemalan grow hearing El Grito and even dancing the “son” in school events.

Here’s a question for the Guatemalans living abroad, when was the last time you heard El Grito and what kind thoughts crossed your mind?

Here’s yet another dose of Sobrevivencia… A Guatemalan Mayan rock band. This time Sobrevivencia performs a rock version of El Grito. Enjoy!

© 2009 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Wonderful photo of them in their traditional costumes! Wish I could have been there to watch from the sidelines!

  • I haven’t heard this song in so many years and it does bring lots of sentiments. This band kicks butt! That’s a good thing, lol.

  • I love it! I like the subtle little marimba near the end. I’m gonna be singing this all day “Me voy cantando me voy gritando lejos de aqui..” 🙂

  • “yo ya meeee voooooy…” and then the marimba starts… rockin’ good man. For some reason it reminded me the first time I heard the album “Get behind me Satan” of The White Stripes. There are a couple of songs that start with marimba and the sound of that instrument just took me back to Guate.
    I haven’t heard el Grito in ages… although the other day I found myself singing to myself: “yo soy puro guatemalteco…”

  • Erick

    I dig this song! Also, I was not aware that the name of the song was “El Grito.” Learned something new today!

  • Eric

    Aha ! So THAT’S what this addictive song is. I hear this every time I visit, but I never catch the words. I hum the tune every now and then, but I couldn’t tell where I had heard it before. Now, I can play this in the office all day, and drive my co-workers crazy. Gracias, Rudy! Y, como siempre, buen foto.