Making Pilas: Putting the Dots

Making Pilas: Putting the Dots

First of all, I read ALL your comments. I don’t always find time to reply every single comment, but I do read each one. Second, I keep requests in my to-do list. Third, eventually I get to your requests as time and circumstance allow. Fourth, I don’t follow a logic order; what can I say, I love films like Irréversible or Tarantino’s films because of the creative use of story lines.

So, we begin a new series about making pilas, washbasins, as requested by Margaret on the entry The Venerable Colonial Pila is Now Used as Decoration. Pilas pues, Manolo would say!

The last step of the Guatemalan pila building process is putting those little white dots. Eduardo Gonzalez, the owner of the factory, has over 24 years of experience building washbasins and a quick and sure hand that splatters the right amount of dots.

What step do think will come next?


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  • Sonia

    What does he have in his hand for splattering the paint?

    • @Sonia, it’s a two-inch brush which he wets and then removes all excess paint.

  • Pues it seems to me you are dotting the i’s… I wonder when and how you would cross the t’s…

  • Interesting motion, it was confusing in the beginning, but that’s sometimes the deal with capturing motion… Cooool!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you, Rudy, for the pilas series! Now, how to get one to North Carolina? 🙂

  • Ruth

    I love them, I remember doing the dishes with the lady of the house when I was in Antigua. What is the cost of a pila. I really wish I had one at mu home in south Texas. I love them!

    • Hi Ruth, I don’t remember now, but I believe they are about Q400 or so. I will check and get back to you. I am sure the highest expense would be the shipping and handling to deliver pilas to the U.S.

  • Ruth

    Thank you sooo much for responding so quickly. I did find a price on your other entries, & yes I’m sure shipping to the states would be very expensive. And thank you Rudy for the pila series, I really enjoyed it! Keep them comming!

    • Thanks Ruth for the feedback. There are plenty of series on the archives of AntiguaDailyPhoto. Just do a search for the word “series” to see what’s available.

  • Victor Alonzo

    Hello, great blog. I am heading to Gautemala in a few weeks. I would like to see how I can get in touch with Don Eduardo Gonzalez. So I could get one made by him for my property. Is there a way to get some information in how to get in touch with him. I will be in Mixco Guatemala so it is not to far from Antigua.