Making Pilas: Adding Color

Making Pilas: Adding Color

These pilas go for a little over Q500/$60 because they use higher quality paint and more cement in the concrete mixture. Cheaper pilas can be had for a little as Q300/$36. Don Eduardo González shared with me that he knows people who have over 20-year old pilas manufactured by him. Also, he made it very clear that his pila factory was inspired by God in a dream about 24 years ago. He received no training from other pila artisans, except for the inspiration from God, he continued. Now his factory also produces pots, concrete figures like tecolotes, lions, birds, etc., and garden and colonial design elements.


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  • Eric

    Don Eduardo … que interesante! Saw it in a dream, eh Rudy ? I wonder what all of us could accomplish if we all paid attention to our dreams, and just went with them ? Great entry, and I love your photos of Don Eduardo getting the color “just right”.
    I don’t know any ladies who use pilas out by the Lake … they still do their washing on the rocks along the shore. Not sure how the bacteria blooms are changing things, if at all. Knowing Guatemalan ingenuity, I’m sure there’s a fantastic compromise already in place, if not being dreamed about.

  • I think Jonathan, who few days ago asked about the concrete owls, could be interested in more information about don Eduardo and his work.
    I really like this and previous photos on the same subject. What an interesting and beautiful way to make us think about the great value of working hands like don Eduardo’s.

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  • Ron

    Does he ship to the US?