Guarding The Coke

Guarding The Coke

Guatemala is a gun-crazy country. Everywhere you look there are men with guns. There are even signs forbidding to carry the naked guns inside businesses. Even delivery trucks always have a guard carrying a shotgun. No wonder Guatemala is among the most violent countries. 🙁

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  • Ay, eh, hmm, yes, but I’d say it is amongst the most violent of countries because the justice system doesn’t work perfectly, or just doesn’t work. There are other countries with more guns per capita, yet they are not famous for being violent.

  • Hugo Stacey

    It is sad to see that it has come to this. Reality for many is that you can lose your life for driving a bus, driving a coke truck or for pretty much any reason at random. I believe Arturo is right, but who can deliver justice and who can establish law and respect?
    It is my dream to live in Antigua one day, the town in which I married in 1983 and I do think twice about the levels of violence in the nation. However, there are many wonderful people in Guatemala, with values and generosoty of spirit; people who love their country and represent it well, so when the day comes, the violence won’t put me off! I’ll take it as I find it! Pais numero uno!

  • Felix

    He may not be guarding the Coke but instead the money the delivery driver picks up. In Panama, all delivery trucks are accompanied by an armed guard because they get paid in cash upon receipt. I don’t mind the guns as long as they are in the hands of the good guys.