Municipal Band Friday Recitals

Municipal Band Friday Recitals  by Rudy Girón

The Municipal Band Friday recitals is another reason why Parque Central is my favorite part of town. What can I say, I am a melómano; which is your Spanish word of the day. 😉

What is your favorite part of La Antigua Guatemala?

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  • Eric

    My favorite part of La Antigua is the ability to walk past a storefront, or restaurant, or cafe, or market table, pause for just a moment, strike up a conversation, and walk away several hours later with a new friendship. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen where I’m from, pero….es raro…. ;D

  • Barbara Vorpe

    My favorite part of LaAntigua is La Iglesia de Merced. It’s been kissed by the angels, one of the holiest places I’ve ever been.