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Not A Quiet Sunday Morning

This morning, at 7:31, we were awaken by a 5.6-magnitude earthquake near the Mexican border. Later we were kept on alert by …


Volcán de Fuego Welcomes You

It doesn’t matter how many times I see Volcán de Fuego erupting, I can never get tired of it or get accustomed. …


Framing the Volcanoes

Believe it or not, I like framing. It is one of things I like to do most while taking photographs around La …


The Webs We Weave

Too bad MO does not come by here anymore. He would definitely appreciate a photo like today’s; full of power lines. If …


Habemus New President!

Even the grounds gave us good signs! The rest is history… and hope of a better future. 🙂 This time, I will …