La Antigua Guatemala Without Barriers

La Antigua Guatemala Without Barriers

Even though I said before that people enjoy walking and strolling La Antigua Guatemala. I sort of lied. See walking is still the best way to get to know and to enjoy La Antigua. But the problem is that the sidewalks are uneven, there are all kinds blocking part of the sidewalk and many people hit their head with the concrete or rock window sills. Sometimes the sidewalk gets broken by a driveway or the cement cover of the water meter is missing and there is huge hole where you break your foot. So I sort of lied, but you can still enjoy the strolls around Antigua Guatemala, if you are careful.

However, if you are handicapped, La Antigua Guatemala could be a nightmare. There aren’t wheelchair ramps in the corners; the sidewalks are too narrow; and you still have to deal all the problems listed above. La Antigua sin barreras (La Antigua Guatemala Without Barriers) was a project/NGO which tried to fix the sidewalks and made them wheelchair/handicap friendly. Whichever block they were able to fix, the placed a tiny handicap white-and-blue tile. You can see how small the tiles are by looking at this other photo. I don’t know whatever happened to La Antigua Guatemala Without Barriers project, but for sure they were not able to fix all the sidewalks around Antigua Guatemala. Too bad, because by fixing the sidewalks for the handicap, they were fixing the sidewalks for everybody else.

Does anybody know what happened to La Antigua Guatemala Without Barriers?

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