Tree-lined Cemetery pathway in La Antigua Guatemala

Tree-lined Cemetery pathway in La Antigua Guatemala

The San Lázaro Cemetery is characterized by its many white mausoleums and tree-lined pathways. I have visited and photographed several cemeteries in Guatemala and México and this is the first time I see such clean and organized cemetery. It almost doesn’t feel like a Latin American cemetery until you begin to see the Antigüeño last names on the family mausoleums. Perhaps, this is the cemetery for the wealthy families of La Antigua Guatemala.

I am going to need the help of other Guatemalans and long-time residents that know more about the San Lázaro cemetery in La Antigua Guatemala. If you know any trivia or background information, please do share it with the rest of us.

On this note, I’d like to make another disclosure. La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo does not stand as a showcase of how much I know; rather it is a detailed record of how much I am learning along the way. Furthermore, it may stand as proof of how little I know about La Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala in general. I am just happy to share with all of you my findings and to learn from what others contribute. So, please, don’t be shy with your contributions.

The following song, by Oscar Chávez, is dedicated to Pirata Cojo who shared with us a poem about death by José Martí­, a Cuban poet who also wrote a beautiful poem about love and death by the name of La Niña de Guatemala (Guatemala’s Girl). Which brings me to Sompopo’s contribution of J.D. Salinger’s quote about cemeteries. All of you are welcomed and encouraged to share your favorites literature passages and quotes about death.

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