Casa Antigüeña: The Balconies

Casa Antigüeña: The Balconies

What better photo to wave goodbye to the Casa Antigüeña series than an image of the balconies against cloud-free deep blue sky, tell me?

Balconies are not very common in walls that face to the outside, unless of course they are on a second floor, like in the entry Sun-bathing in La Antigua Guatemala. However, balconies are more common in houses inside enclosed residential areas with security; like it is in this case.

Word of the Day Aside: Balcón (Balcony)
In Northern Italy the Longobardos (now Lombardos, from Germanic background) imposed the word balko (beam, balken in modern German) from which we got balco and later balcone which finally gave us the Spanish word balcón. (Source: La palabra del dí­a {ñ})

I have a few dozen more photos for the casa antigüeña series, but I believe I have shown you the most relevant rooms and architectonic elements. I am sure you don’t want to see the bathrooms or the garage and the such; right?!

Anyway, I would love to hear your impressions about the series as a whole, whether you found it too light, too boring, too long, or too anything. Please, take some minutes from your time and let me know your opinion. I will really appreciate it. Thanks.

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