Strong Rain and Lighting Storm in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Strong Rain and Lighting Storm in Antigua Guatemala

On the last day of September we experience one of the heaviest storms of the season. There was rain flying in every direction because of the strong winds. There goes September and with it the rains; well, sort of, we might still have another 31 days of rain. I was able to capture this picture and time-lapse video once the downpour and winds were almost gone.

Soon the skyline will be just blue, pure blue and we will be enjoying the best weather in Guatemala: The Dry Season; November through April.

Are you visiting Antigua Guatemala soon?

Un pequeño video de fotografía de lapso de tiempo para capturar un poco de la tormenta eléctrica que tuvimos esta noche en Antigua Guatemala.

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