Did you know that Guatemala is the cradle of chocolate?

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; The Different Stages of Chocolate

  • The birthplace for chocolate is Guatemala, which is the heartland of the Mayan world.
  • Chocolate means bitter drink in Nahualt, that’s the language of the Mexicas better known as Aztecs. The Maya paid the Mexicans with kawkaw [cacao] for goods and services.
  • It was the Spanish who added sugar to it, I guess after 800 years of Muslim occupation, sugar was a big influence.
  • It was either the Swiss or the French who added milk to chocolate, thus making it the addictive candy we are all familiar with.
  • It is quite easy to find 70% dark chocolate in La Antigua Guatemala, and even 100%. In the U.S. only 15% of chocolate liquor needs to be in the mix to call it chocolate. Europeans are more stringent, 35% is their requirement. The good stuff goes up to 70% plus.
  • Top right we can see the actual kawkaw fruit.
  • Top left, the dried seeds that produce cacao.
  • Middle row, ground cacao seeds or liquor produces cacao butter and cocoa powder when separated through a press.
  • Bottom row, ground cocao seeds and the cocao dried skins that can be used for infusion drinks, or cocao tea.


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