Theme Day: Men at Work

Construction Workers in Antigua Guatemala

I am sure that construction workers and road workers will be among the most popular photographs for the 65 Daily Photo sites around the world for the March 1st theme day of “Men at work.” I had planned to use a snapshot of the cobblestone street repair crew ever since I learned about the subject for the theme day. But, I then read my friend’s, JM Magaña —an architect and first conservator of La Antigua Guatemala—, excellent article on construction workers for the upcoming March issue of Recrearte Magazine (Available in Spanish on the March 1st). Here’s the introductory paragraph:

Architecture arose from man’s necessity to shelter from the environment. First, he used the caves where he left registered scenes from his daily life, to then build, with the materials found in nature, his home. As humankind organized socially and the jobs became specialties, the first masons appeared and transformed the natural materials such stone and wood, and invented others like adobes and bricks from clay. (fragment from La mano de obra en la arquitectura from JM Magaña in Recrearte Magazine, page 8, available in Spanish as a PDF download)

Guatemalan houses are now mostly built from pumice stone blocks, pebbles stones, river sand, concrete and iron rods. Here is another shot of the same construction workers at the moment they are finishing the concrete roof (fundición del techo in Spanish), one of the most work-intensive stages in the house-building process.

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  • Yes Rudy, this is a popular theme today, but it is great to see it around the world!
    Maybe there is a lack of security/safety system there uh?

  • kathryn

    Great photos especially love the jacarandas in Parke Central. Anyone know if aircard works in Antigua (and just outside Antigua). Visiting soon and want to see if I can take my PC with an Aircard and get service – anyone know the best carrier. I’ll be staying just outside Antigua and don’t want to have to travel into town each day to go to internet cafe????
    THANKS – I love getting the photos everyday.

  • Good to see that construction is happening! Fine photo!

  • Gary Deutsch

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful daily photos from Antiqua. I recently returned from Antiqua and we build two houses for the poor in the mountains around Antigua. The construction techniques were foreign to us from North Dakota in the US and it was refreshing to see professionals like those in this picture working. Thanks again and will continue to look forward to your photos. Sincerely Gary

  • Both photos were good and it is nice you honor your friend and his conservator work. However, I really like your cobblestone street repair photo. I plan to place a link to your cobblestone photo on one I posted on the subject in Greenville.

  • Great angle! I esp. love the glimpse of the volcano out the window. 🙂

  • Dsole: good point about the safety net there. I guess they don’t use that here.

    Kathryn: I somehow knew many people would like the jacarandas shot; I just didn’t know why I like it myself… maybe remembrance of things past. I wish I could help you with your aircard, but I don’t know what it is. Wifi access points are available around Antigua, wireless Internet services are available through Telefónica and Tigo, but they required a 18 month contract.

    Kuanyin: Thanks for the visit and comment.

    Gary: For sure houses are built differently here. Thanks for the feedback and your regular visits.

    Denton: I am glad you actually took the time to look at the other photo. It was a hard pick, but I chose the construction workers for sentimental reasons.

    Lessie: I don’t know how you can tell that Water volcano, but you guessed correctly.

  • ben

    Great composition, I like the photo.

  • volcano! I with thinking the cement block was good for the hurricane season. I like this photo. Great job!

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