Guatemalan Textiles Market at La Fuente

Textiles at La Fuente

Here is a better shot showing how the Guatemalan textiles literally carpet the garden around the fountain (fuente in Spanish) at La Fuente. I had to underexposed the fountain and the people in the background to get a better view of the colors and textures of the textiles in the foreground. As always, if you are interested in zooming in to see the details, all you have to do is click on the photo above to get a larger version. This textile market is only available on the weekends.

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  • oh! what a brilliant photo with lost of colours! Great!
    What are you supossed to do with those textiles?

  • GDS

    I’m wondering though… I remember reading somewhere that some of the textiles are truly hand made by artisans, while others may be produced by machine or under poor working conditions. Are these sold side by side? Is it easy to tell the difference? I would think it would be, but tourists sometimes don’t care anyway.

  • Dsole: You wear them. Check the indigenous category for ideas.

    GDS: I believe you can tell the difference once you are told their asking price. The imitation will have an accessible price.

  • Hello Rudy,
    I’m falling in love with this assortment of rugs, they are just so magnificent!

    I wonder about your response to GDS : would you say that the rugs are inaccessible in price when they are true traditional or they are accessible if they are mechanically made?

  • Nathalie: Actually they are not rugs, they are huipils; that is the sort of blouse worn by the indigenous Maya women and their cortes or skirts.

    About the price, I was a little vague. What I mean is that original hand-woven textiles are a lot more expensive than mass-produced textiles from factories. Really, it is the same the world-all-over.