Bush is coming, Bush is coming!

Drinking water from the fountain

I can almost hear the crow grackle yelling Bush is coming, Bush is coming! What a nightmare. Poor bird, it is so exhausted that it needs to take a break and drink some water. Just when you think things can not get any worse, Bush decides to visit Guatemala.

Recent entries about Bush’s visit to Guatemala:

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  • Take care today Rudy!

  • red flowers are bot what you need for bush. stink weeds are about right. we have a yellow weed we call the bitter weed that is what you need.

  • impossiblejane

    Take care of yourself. It’s gonna be painful. I know. Sage is good to get the badness out!


  • Good shot of a Great-tailed Grackle (not a crow)

  • Thanks for the link – we just posted a little more and then saw the motorcade go by. It’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow…

  • Oh, well said Rudy! Why don’t you invite Chavez over too and have a party? 🙂

  • Brandy

    I have so enjoyed this photo blog up to this point. Sadly, I will be signing off from following like I have religously for the last year. I do not appreciate all of the completely negative comments about President Bush. I think they have been so disrespectful and disappointing.

  • Grackle! New word. Thanks!

  • Everyone, thanks for your words of support and opinions regarding Señor Arbusto. Tony, I am glad you let us know the word grackle. Lessie, it is new word for me too.