Taking a break from Spanish Classes

Break from Spanish Classes

I had said it before, La Antigua Guatemala is tiny town —barely a 10×10 block grid— yet it manages to host well over 65 Spanish-language schools. As a matter of fact, Guatemala is a popular destination for those willing to learn Spanish, even though Guatemala’s Spanish is an old flavor and many words are only available here. On top of that, I could say La Antigua Guatemala is not the best place to learn Spanish. How’s so, didn’t you just say there are well over 65 Spanish-language schools? Well, I guess I did, but I also forgot to mention that almost everybody speaks English here and so this is not the ideal place to take classes because shortly after that you go meet your friends or a total stranger to converse in English. Xela or Quetzaltenango is a better place. But, be careful you might stay longer than you expect.

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