Jumping over the cables

Jumping over the cables

Here is a vertical shot of a biker doing a jump in the atrium of the Jocotenango church. Jocotenago is one of the communities very near La Antigua Guatemala. Jocotenango is so close to La Antigua that you might walk and cross over the municipal borders without realizing it. Jocotenango and Ciudad Vieja are the two municipios (counties) where most of the antigüeños moved after they sold their houses in La Antigua Guatemala. Some antigüeños sold their house under pressure from buyers and because the incredible prices buyers were willing to pay. Ciudad Vieja and Jocotenango is where most of the workers of La Antigua Guatemala businesses live. Jocotenango and Ciudad Vieja are ‘REAL’ Guatemalan communities, unlike La Antigua Guatemala. Soon I will post an entry with the following title: La Antigua Guatemala is not Guatemala (which I’ve been saving for a long while now). Stay tune!

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  • Manolo

    Hey Rudy… are you paraphrasing the “Guatemala doesn’t exist, I know because I’ve been there” thing? On the other hand: Do you think that La Nueva is more Guatemala than La Antigua? Now, about the picture… it is quite a contrast of the BMX, the basketball board, and the cables with such a piece of baroque architecture as backdrop. I am still fascinated by that pink colour… (“zapote” pues)

  • Another classic.
    Planet Earth Daily Photo

  • Manolo, what I am saying, or rather what I will be saying is that La Antigua Guatemala is unlike the rest of Guatemala. And yes, I do believe Guatecity is much more Guatemala than La Antigua.

    Rich, thanks for all your wonderful comments and feedback.

  • I have to agree. And sure, I may be part of the problem, one more Westerner living here in La Antigua, but, to me, the capital is far more of a Guatemalan experience than anything available in La Antigua. Likewise, around Atitlan too, or in Xela. I like to drive through Zona 6 and Zona 18 and see the amazing barrios that have been built on the hillsides and down in the valleys. In comparison, La Antigua is a theme park without an entrance fee.

    For too many Guatemaltecos, La Antigua is just somewhere they come to work. Rudy, have you been down, sort of behind La Porta and further back – there’s a housing development going on there, with around 20 new houses, that I think says it all about the direction La Antigua is going and I wonder at what kind of amazing prices they will be offered on the market.

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