Giant Kite and Guatemalan idiosyncrasy

Giant Kite and Guatemalan idiosyncrasy

This picture is like a summary of the Guatemalan Idiosyncrasy. First we have the giant kite with all the Mayan motifs, which for a long time represented the pagan rituals as the dominant catholic church used to call them. Anything that represented non-christian religious rituals was denigrated and prosecuted under the pagan label; infidels other religion would say. So, there you see the Mayan motifs and Mayan religious connotations behind the meaning of the giant kite and its flying with evangelical message “Joeva es mi pastor” (Jehova is my pastor) encircling a Guatemalan volcano and its sun setting vista. Then you have as toppings the clothes of the father and sun, probably acquired from a paca store. Paca means second or third hand clothes from the U.S. sold to Latin America in big pallets (there was recently in GuateCiy an artistic performance under the name of Guatepaca). The Señor Frogs and Sideout t-shirts, baseball caps, jeans and tennis shoes are very representative of how a large number of Guatemalan dress.

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  • Ann

    The clashing of cultures is one heck of a thing!

  • Is the son taller than the father or is it just perspective? Love the sheep… I wonder what the spirits in the sky would think about it.

  • My 2 1/2 cents…Respect for differing belief systems (not forced acceptance) is a step in the right direction. BTW, beautiful colors in photo, plus it’s nice to see a father and son actually spending time together (this perhaps is the truly “positive” thing I see happening in your photo). Ciao!

  • ale

    Cultures are always changing and influencing one another. I suppose change is often regarded with suspicion, sometimes we’re right, sometimes we’re not. I do miss the old fashioned kites, though.

  • Geoffrey

    The beliefs represented are contradicting but truly representative of their roots and new found faith. In cases like this one I think we must find the good and appreciate it. I agree with Coltrane_lives in that its nice to see a father and its son spend some quality time together.

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