Coffee Harvest Time in Guatemala

Coffee Harvest Time

Yesterday’s photo was a close-up of the coffee bush in the lower left corner of today’s photo. If you click on the image above you can the coffee bushes (the small trees) being harvested under the shadows of the Gravilea trees in San Pedro Las Huertas, La Antigua Guatemala. Around La Antigua Guatemala you can find coffee bushes everywhere, including as part of the hedges of La Compañí­a de Jesús ruins.

Come back tomorrow to see a coffee plantation worker while collecting the cherry red coffee fruit.

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  • A friend from my university days in Guatemala, who used to be a tour guide, told us how she liked to give a taste of the red coffee fruit and also of the cacao beans (where chocolate comes from) and make the point that the first one is sweet, even though coffee is usually considered bitter (due to the toasting process) and the second one is bitter, even though chocolate is usually associated with sweetness (although dark or bitter chocolate is becoming more popular/common, although not with everyone, particularly those who actually don’t care for chocolate… or coffee 😉 ).

  • Lilita

    What? No coverage of the children’s procession? How could you skip this–and the other processions? They’re so amazing and unique!

  • Beautiful grove — definitely a different world. (I was scared yesterday when I couldn’t get your site up. Glad you’re still here!)

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