The Remains of Lent

The Remains of Lent

Many purple and violet banners are still hanging from doorways and windows around town. It feels like many don’t want to let go of Semana Santa.

What do you think?

Accomplishment Side Note:
Believe it or not, the Macmillan Group will be using one of my photos as a cover for their Music Text Book for 9th graders in Mexico. Okay, can you tell me on what date was the photo appearing on the cover of the book published here? If your answer is correct, you will get 10,000 LACA points! 😉

Like always, if you click the thumbnail below you get to see an enlargement.
Cover of MacMillan Group Text Book for 9th Graders by Rudy Girón

© 2008 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Congratulations Rudy! So when do we celebrate? E and I (haha) can bring a few (few?) bottles of wine. Let us know. 😉 As for the questions, “Que pase el siguiente concursante!” 😀

  • here ya’ go gotta love those search thingies, eh?

  • sompopo

    I think that would be August 22, 2007 when you made that post. 🙂

  • coltrane_lives

    A HUGE CONGRATS to you Rudy! I loved the photo when I first saw it last summer. Of course, I love the MUSIC! and the MARIMBA! Both are good for the soul!

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