Public WiFi Zone in Antigua Guatemala

Public WiFi Zone in Antigua Guatemala

About a month ago I reported that La Antigua Guatemala had become the first digital city in Central America, but I did not get a chance to try out the free public wifi zone available in Antigua’s Main Plaza until now.

Thanks to the iPod Touch I received as birthday present from my sisters, I walked into La Antigua Guatemala’s Plaza Mayor, also known simply as Parque Central, to verify the wireless public Internet access and its speed. I am happy to report that when the wifi zone works, its speed is very good: average 480 Kbits/s and Maximum speed of 692 Kbits/sec. A quick glance at the DNS servers from the wifi access points show the service is provided by Telgua, Guatemala’s telephone land lines monopoly.

I promise to a series about Guatemalan monopolies, if enough people request it.

Below you can see the screen captures taken with the iPod Touch.

Public WiFi Zone Speed
Public WiFi Zone Speed
Public WiFi Zone Settings
Public WiFi Zone Settings

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  • Treva

    Rudi, Please write about monopolies in Guatemala. It is important. Thank you.

  • Hi there Rudy!
    How are you going thru the new year!? Feliz Año!
    It’s quite interesting, nowadays our life goes around internet… what we would do without it? it’d be very boring!

  • Anamaria

    Saludos Rudy! Happy New Year from cloudy, cold England! I too would like to request that you write about monopolies in Guatemala. This is something that I know little about, and it would be interesting and informative to learn more. Thank you so much for all you do; your photos brighten my every day! Can’t wait until I’m back in Antigua again in June…

  • Que buenisima onda, algo asi me habian contado. I need a iPod, i ask to santa but he don’t give me one :'(

  • @Treva, I will put the monopoly series on my to do list.

    @Dsole, Gusto de saber que aún nos visitas. Feliz Año y que tengas un anuario repleto de entradas.

    @Anamaria, I will do the monopoly series as soon as I get the photos and background information. Stay tune!

    @Alexx, if you had asked the Reyes Magos, perhaps you’d have had better luck! 😉

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  • I am in Antigua right now and cannot get the wifi in the park to work. Que lastima!

  • Ivy

    Genial, un punto mas para atraer turismo.

    • Hola Ivy, al final nunca prosperaron las zonas de Wi-Fi gratis. 🙁

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