Holy Week Preparations: Façade Facelift

Holy Week Preparations: Façade Facelift

One of the benefits of having a Holy Week every year is the fact that La Antigua Guatemala gets a new facelift every year and thus even though the colonial town is over 500 years old, it looks brand new; newer than most places in Guatemala at least.

The vista above is quite common during Lent season. Stay tune for the upcoming new look of La Antigua Guatemala’s Cathedral.

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  • Mo

    A pity more places dont follow this pratice of doing repair work each year

  • Thomas Wheeler

    This is some of the action people take pride in their business at this most Holy time of the year sure more could be done .How ever Did you look at the Catherthal in the park ? Very nice sight in years Sincerely Thomas Wheeler in Antiqua going back to to the cold and snow tomorrow See you all next year Thomas

  • @Mo, actually I think the ornato (the aesthetic or beauty of town or place) improves dramatically with minor repairs like a paint job.

    @Thomas, yes I have seen the Cathedral. There will be a photo of the transformation of the La Antigua Guatemala’s Cathedral in the next few days.

  • Otro detallito lindo de la ciudad, también aprecio mucho el hecho de que coloquen flores y cortinas en las ventanas o los banderines morados en las calles.
    La Catedral se va a ver más linda que antes, ya quería una “manita de gato” XD
    Feliz Semana!

  • I am really enjoying your photos. Great past week of photos.

  • @Julie, THANKS A LOT for the feedback. I had thought nobody care about the tropical fruit series since the response was scarce.

    @Everyone, the only way for me know if you like or hate the new photos and descriptions is through your comments. Please, do not underestimate the power of your comments. Even though sometimes I don’t respond right away, I DO READ every single comment and feedback. Please, leave your comments as often as possible.

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