Rainy Season Vista: Green Umbrella

First Official Rain of 2009

Today we had the first official rainfall of the rainy season 2009 in La Antigua Guatemala. Even though, yesterday and a few days ago we experienced some light and fast drizzle, it was not until today that we had our fist real heavy precipitation. If you are coming to Antigua in the next following semester, make sure you pack your umbrella and raincoat.

I think the world can be easily divided in two kinds of people: the ones who like the rain and those who don’t. What about you, do you like the rain?

First Photo Retouched Aside:
By popular demand, I have digitally removed the white letters from the green umbrella. This is the first time I manipulate an image from the AntiguaDailyPhoto since from the very beginning I set myself to do all the editing at the time of shooting; thus, that’s why I always take many shots to get just one or two candidates for the AntiguaDailyPhoto stream. Anyhow, in this particular case, it would have not mattered how many shots I took since the lady did not turn her umbrella around and beside, I am almost sure the umbrella had the same publicity on both sides. I hope you forgive me for having retouched the image. 😉

First Official Rain of 2009

© 2009 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • oh no, I soooo don’t want to move there when it’s raining! I get too much of the rain here in Costa Rica:)

  • Catherine from Oregon

    Rain HA! We in Oregon mock your rain. We call it “liquid sunshine”.

  • Stephanie

    Rudy, are you ever tempted to edit a photo? I LOVE this photo — except for the white writing on the umbrella. Without that distraction it would be perfect! The pose of the walker is incredible — simultaneously it conveys both motion and stillness. And I love the contrast between the green umbrella (what a great color for a rain photo because rain makes the earth grow green) and the orange wall. That color on the wall is one of my favorites. But the white writing on the umbrella….I would be so tempted to PhotoShop it out. 🙂

  • Stephanie

    P.S. This is one of the rare photos that somehow (I’m not sure how) conveys a sense of sound as well. When I look at it I can practically hear the rain falling.

  • Extraño el calorcito de todo el día, no me gustan los días nublados, aunque sé que un poco de agua no cae mal, no me gusta la lluvia 🙁

  • Andi

    I love rain!

  • Yeah Rudy, can’t you tell your subjects to turn the umbrella the other way?!

  • @Marina, I am sure Costa Rica receives more rainfall per year than Guatemala. Poor you! 😉

    @Catherine, sure it might rain all day long, seven days a week in Oregon, but that’s no rain, that’s a drizzle… Come to Guatemala if you want to experience REAL rain… wait it minute, you are coming to Guatemala. 😉

    @Stephanie, okay, just for you I have broken one of my most important rules: Never retouch a photo from AntiguaDailyPhoto. You know, there is always a first time, right? 😉

    @Andreita, un poco de lluvia no hace daño y además si no fuera por las lluvias torrenciales de Guatemala, no tendrías el país que tanto te gusta.

    @Andi, you might enjoy these verses: “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.” —Pradip and “I love walking in the rain, ’cause then no-one knows I’m crying.” —Pradip. Read Requiem for the rain to get all the details about the poems.

    @Mark, sure I just did and now you have the other side of the umbrella.

  • Stephanie

    Muchas gracias, Rudy! I LOVE it! I realize that editing a photo is a big deal and usually I am opposed to it, but this time I’m happy you did it. This is beautiful!

  • I know you are a purist but there really is nothing wrong with making judicious edits when the need arises.

    I’m only just catching up having been without the internet for a month

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo wo/ the white lettering. You did a good photoshop job too — my un-tutored brain would never have known you altered the photo wo/ you sharing the info. I think editing photos is fine — it’s part of the craft. Here you enhanced the photo immensely.

  • Eric

    Wow, nice job with the edits. Artistically, it is much better without the white letters. Beautiful color contrast.
    I like to visit Guate. during the rainy season. I think it brings out the … how would you say it … <>?… of everyone, visitor and resident alike. During my last visit, I watched a lady fashion a raincoat out of a plastic trash bag, with a hole torn in the bottom to put her face through. Que fantastico !

  • trina johnson

    There is rain in Indiana, but spending June and July last year in Antigua, I experienced….real rain! After the first afternoon getting home totally drenced….never left home without the umbrella tucked away!! Some lessons are learned very quickly. Is the rain enough to change my love for Guatemala, NO!! Love the culture, language, countryside, but most importantly, the people!!

  • Deb

    Will daily rain continue through August & early Sept.?

    • @Deb, the rainy season spans the months between May and October; so the short answer is yes. The long answer is that some days there will be rains and most of them will be dry days. We are experiencing a very dry rainy season; I know that’s an oxymoron. ;-()