Guatemalan Cuisine: Hilachas

Guatemalan Cuisine: Hilachas

Hilachas (shredded beef) is yet another staple of the Guatemalan Cuisine. Hilachas is basically a red curry with shredded beef and potatoes. The hilachas recado (the Guatemalan word for curry) is normally served with rice as shown in the picture. Hilachas can be often found as part of the daily menu special in many authentic Guatemalan comedores (diners) and restaurants; keep an eye for it, you won’t regret it.

The hilachas recipe will be posted in the upcoming Recipes from Guatemala web site which should be opening its doors in May. Stay tune for the grand inauguration news here in AntiguaDailyPhoto.

Two more days for the AntiguaDailyPhoto third anniversary celebrations.

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  • sheila

    I can’t wait for the recepies, i was born in Guate but left very little and didn’t learn to cook guatemalan food. I can cook anything but i want to learn this. Thank you Rudy

  • That looks great, thank you for sharing.


  • Erick

    These Guatemalan food pictures are killing me (although the pics are awesome). Hilachas with arroz and tortillas; can’t get much better than that! When I was a kid, my grandpa would add quite a few “chiltepes” to his dish, I have no idea how he managed to handle all that spice, but he loved it.

  • Eric

    A little more than one month to go, Rudy, and I can start sampling these for myself. I will definitely keep an eye out for it!

  • Claudia

    MMM, delicious – I could eat this till I’m sick. I asked my mom to teach me how to make the recado . .I’m more of a visual learner. Can’t wait to see the recipe. I love how the chiltepes ‘pop’. Ha ha Erick, it’s like I tell my dad if it burns going in . . . .just think about when it comes out . . (sorry for my bathroom humor)

  • yummy, you made me hungry 🙂
    Nice shot!

  • Hola! Comment estadas? I enjoyed your blog pictures. I really like this delicious food picture but it makes me hungry! I’m new to City Daily Photo; I just started the Eagan Daily Photo. Greetings from Minnesota, USA! Muchos gracias!

  • Anonymous

    Super taste disk ,need to taste it