Prensa Libre Sponsors Semana Santa

Sponsoring Semana Santa

I noticed that Prensa Libre, one of Guatemala’s largest and oldest newspapers, was also sponsoring a processional band this past weekend. I guess sponsorships of the Holy Week processions will become commonplace now.

How do you feel about private businesses sponsoring religious celebrations and the world famous Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala?

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  • Erin

    As long as the sponsors contribute to keep the traditions alive, I think sponsoring is fine. However, it could be necessary to make simple rules and regulations because there are times when sponsors can be really tacky or look completely out of place and context.

  • I agree with Erin above. Some of those who would otherwise not participate will be able to due to the financial help of the sponsorships.

  • NicWirtz

    The calendar handed out by the muni for Semana Santa’s events is sponsored by Pollo Campero.

    Most of the usual sponsors have been seen in some way, shape or form and that kind of creeping advertising can only damage tradition. Personally I believe locals would still celebrate as they have for generations.

    On the other hand, if it helps those to attend that otherwise would not then background advertising is tolerated. Large companies can certainly lend their expertise in organization, event planning and marketing.

    Btw isn’t the Super Lemon Lime part of the Gallo company?

  • Beth in MN

    I have pictures of the band from 2008 with the Prensa Libre tag on their visors.

  • Stephanie

    Sponsorship makes me very uneasy, but as an outsider it’s not really my place to judge. But I am leery of capitalism creeping in where it doesn’t seem necessary. Would the processions really not happen without sponsorship? It seems unlikely, but I’m not well informed on how it all works. And I’m especially uncomfortable when it’s sponsorship of a religious event/ritual. Will Sunday masses be sponsored someday? It sounds absurd. On the other hand, sponsorship for something like a map or schedule for tourists seems okay — that’s about the tourists more than the processions themselves.

  • Eric

    I have hated private sponsorship since I’ve seen labels such as “The Pepsi 400” Nascar race, “The Tostitos Bowl” college football championship, etc. I remember waaaaay back in the 70’s when the sponsor was a footnote, as in ‘The Citrus Bowl college football championship, brought to you by Prudential Insurance’, NOT with the corporate logo claiming the title of the event, or splashed across every available t-shirt, football field, etc. So far, the sponsorship I have seen in Guatemala is not that extreme … I’m hoping it stays that way, maybe ? 😉

  • Claudia

    I think it looks tacky . . . I mean what’s next? The processions will have ‘advertising’ as well . . it’s visual pollution. blah!

  • NicWirtz

    The JHS poster/sign that is put up on procession routes is sponsored by Banrural. The Prensa Libre band was out today too, there was another band that had a load of red baseball caps, am speculating it’s Claro or the Muni. I didn’t get a clear view of the sign on the cap but it didn’t look like Claro’s usual one, was perhaps the city coat-of-arms.