Invent A Tour Guides Conversation

The Tour Guides by Rudy Girón

Every once in a while, the readers of AntiguaDailyPhoto participate in a creative exercise: to invent a plausible dialogue or conversation among the characters that appear in the pictures. That’s right, that means YOU reading this text right now.

I will help you get started by sharing with you that the three men above are tourist guides. Of course, you can make them work in whatever lends to your creative conversation.

If you need to read some of the previous creative exercises to get the creative fluids going, follow the white rabbit to the comment section in the following entries:

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  • NYChapin

    Ok, i’m biting.

    Well, it’s obvious that it is time for one of them to pay for the capuccinos, but because it has been a slow day, no one wants to make the first move and instead all of them ” se estan haciendo los locos.”  Finally, the one wearing the hat compliments the gentleman sitting with his legs crossed:
    ” nice socks”.

  • El Canche

    (El que esta parado): “Mire este Gringo del otro lado; me acerco o que?”

    (El de la gorra y lentes): “Compadre; con ese paradito que tienes, creo que si el Gringo es ‘del otro lado’, pues ya mero se acercara a ti!”

    (El tercero dandole al cuate un golpe amistoso en el hombro) “Orale Manix!” 

  • Thanks guys for participating in this creative exercise. I am hopeful other people will contribute their musings as well.

  • Lico943

    For me is more that the guy at the left is telling them some bad news and they are listening confirming the news…the news might be that Sandra continues been sick and that there is a chain of prayers so the bacteria does not die …or the three of them will be jobless in the next government period!!!!….lol….. 

  • And the winner for this contest is El Canche. Great work eveyone, thanks for participating.