Muni’s Rooftop Vista of Central Park

Muni's Rooftop Vista of Central Park by César Tián

In my never ending quest to bring you unique and different perspectives of this enchanting 500-year old colonial town which we know as Antigua Guatemala, I bring you this photograph taken by one of my co-workers at Revue Magazine and fellow photograhy enthusiast César Tián. The photo above could be the facing view of the picture shown in Almost Ready for 2012. Obviously, César knows people in higher places than I do because I have never been to the roof top of the Muni building. I’ve gotta fix that! In the mean time, let’s thank César for sharing this rooftop panoramic vista of Central Park with us. Make sure you click on top of the photo above to look at a larger image.

Photo by César Tián

© 2012 – 2017, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Begonia

    Wow, I really love this photo.  The perspective, the soft evening light, the mountains in shadows, the blue-green of the landscape echoed in the blue-green of the flags, and the flags rippling bravely in the wind.

    Plus, I love watching down on people from above as they go about their business.

    Great shot. 

    • Good eye Begonia, I had seen all those color references. Thanks for pointing them out.

  • Eric

    Gracias, Cesar !  Puedo imaginar Rudy con una mesita privada alli, para sacar fotos en secreto.  O sea, estoy seguro que ya tiene la idea… ja-ja-ja!

    • Jajaja, I wish I had my own private table. You know, what I like to do from this vantage point is a time lapse video of the sunset. What do you think?

      • Eric

        Now THAT would be incredible.  And it would probably encourage me to be a more “permanent resident” even sooner !