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Portón of La Antigua Guatemala

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day from Antigua Guatemala: Portón or gate, or large door. It’s been a while since …

Doorway into the Raw Past

This week I felt through a rabbit hole, a doorway into the raw textured past of Convento Las Capuchinas. Come back tomorrow …

Yet Another Gated Community Entrance by Rudy Giron

Yet Another Gated Community Entrance

Here are some of the answers to the questions asked on the previous posts regarding gated communities. Occupy Antigua Guatemala? Definitely not …

Another Gate Community Entrance by Rudy Giron

Another Gate Community Entrance

Here’s yet another typical entrance for a gated community around Antigua Guatemala. What do your think about gated communities? Are they a …

Gated Community Entrances by Rudy Giron

Gated Community Entrances

It seems that all the real estate developing around Antigua Guatemala are just gated communities; these are like mushrooms, the spring up …

Colorfu Bluel Doors by Rudy Girón

Colorful Doors: Blue

The blue looks even more colorful against a gray unpainted wall, don’t you think?

Colorful Doors: Red

The category of Doors and Windows has always been among the most popular. It seems that people find fascinating many of doorways …

The Gatekeeper

Sometimes the ride from Guate city (la capital) to LAG takes a bit longer than expected and then there is not enough …

Lent Decorations over Doorways

I really like the Lent decorations you find over doorways and windows in La Antigua Guatemala. Lent or Cuaresma in Spanish is …

Valentine’s Day in La Antigua Guatemala

Valentine’s Day in Guatemala is known as El Dí­a del Cariño. Cariño and caress share the same etymology and it means affection. The Day of Affection would be a close translation for El Dí­a del Cariño, thus it is much more than Valentine’s Day because it is the day to show your affection, love and appreciation to your co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, and of course, your girlfriend or wife; whatever the case may be.