Antigua is a romantic town

Antigua's young love

Somehow, not by conscious intention, I have managed to avoid the common references and photos of Antigua. For better or for worse, at 90 days from the beginning of this blog I have yet to publish a photo of Santa Catalina’s Arch and Calle del Arco which is the most emblematic photo of Antigua; the equivalent will be not to have published a photo of Statue of Liberty in New York or the Eiffel Tower in Paris after 90 days. Well, so be it! How good and different would be this blog if shot the same photos than everyone else? How could a bring you a local and resident perspective if I took the same photos that most tourists and tourist services? I believe, at least for me, this blog will be boring and bland.

Another obvious reference that I have skipped or not made a real good point is that Antigua is very romantic town. I posted a photo of young lovers on the May 1st, the first day for this blog, but I did now dwelt on the fact that this city is the perfect weekend getaway for lovers. With its many terrace cafes, candle-lit restaurants and bars, Antigua is one of the most romantic destinations nationally and internationally.

Now, you could ask, really how romantic can it be? As romantic as Paris, well maybe. Many people come to Antigua to fall in love, to get married and to conceived their first child. I have met couples in each category. I met a couple from Spain, who had been trying to conceive for a long time. They took their vacations each year to different parts of the world and at each destination they try to become pregnant. Guess what? Antigua or Lake Atitlán, they don’t know for sure which town, was the conception place. When they left Guatemala, Emilio was already part of the family.

So, if you are planning to get married for the first time or the Nth time, consider what Antigua has to offer. But, I do not want to be responsible for any more conceptions. You are warned 😉

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