Belated self-portrait


Yesterday 28 people from sister cities around the world posted self-portraits at their favorite places. I did not participated because I try to keep to focus of this blog on La Antigua Guatemala and its people and surroundings, but because I have received an email asking to tell a little about myself, I have decided to make an exception. Sort of, the focus of the photo is still a butterfly. Besides, self-portraits are very difficult and how can one match the powerful image of Edwin at Kuala Lumpur, or the wit of Nuno at Porto; if I was going to do a self-portrait, it would have to be as Chris’ of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Great work done by all the City Daily Photos.

About me: First of all, Lillian made me do it. I have lived in Mexico, the U.S. (this is where I did my high school and college education), and at present in Guatemala. My first language is Spanish (isn’t it obvious through my horrible English). I moved to La Antigua Guatemala in 2002 as part of job offer, which I still do. I work as the Art Director for two magazines published from Antigua. Revue Magazine is a monthly periodical in English, targeted to tourists and the English-language-speaking community in northern Central America. Recrearte Magazine is a Spanish monthly publication which covers the cultural and leisure activities in Antigua and Guatemala City, as well as traditions, interviews, book reviews, etc. all with a local focus. This is how I made you believe I am smart and sharp. I just happen to have access to the great resources these two magazine provide. Both of them are available as PDF downloads.

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