Transnational: Oil for the People


PDV stands for Petroleos de Venezuela (Venezuelan Oil). To put the oil resources to the service and well-being of the country; to build a new economic and social model, ending inequalities… reads the introductory paragraph on Oil for the people section at the PDVSA site. SA part of the name stands for Sociedad Anónima, which is the equivalent of Inc. or Ltd. in the English-speaking countries. I am sure not many people will recognize this logotype or the name of this very large transnational corporation. PDVSA has many skins, one of them is Citgo in the land north of the Rí­o Bravo.

Che, the world is achaning! could be Dylan’s words.

Have you heard of or seen PDV or PDVSA in your part of the world? What you think of it?

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