Coffee Table in La Antigua Guatemala

Coffee Table in La Antigua Guatemala

So, after the cemetery series, we look at the ingredients needed to prepare the red and green sauces for a typical Guatemalan breakfast. We then started our breakfast with a deluxe cup of Guatemalan coffee and finally the typical Guatemalan breakfast was served. We then looked the origins of the California avocado and learned why we should be boycotting Chiquita bananas.

We are back to coffee beans, again, in the form of table available in the patio area of Fernando’s Kaffee. I believe La Antigua Guatemala is blessed because most days you can have your breakfast in the patio and most patios are so full of gorgeous and exotic (for the rest of the world) plants and flowers. I recommend that you have breakfast and a good cup of coffee at Fernando’s Kaffee if you come to La Antigua Guatemala. For those who only want to have access to this fabulous coffee, Fernando confided in me that very soon, in the next couple of weeks, he will begin exporting his in situs roasted selection of Guatemalan coffee beans. You will be able to order any amount of coffee (starting at 3 pounds, I believe); so keep an eye at coming-soon Fernando’s Kaffee web site.

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