Rain Drops over a Nopal Pad Wallpaper

Rain drops and Nopal Wallpaper

There has been a lot of rain lately in Guatemala and so the photo taken process has slowed down a bit; at least for me. Still, I have to go out on the rain to make the daily quota of photos from La Antigua Guatemala so I can keep you guys happy. The comments have dwindled to the point where I think nobody is interested in these photos anymore, except for you, my permanent visitor. I continue to take photos and do this daily routine for you…

You just have to be a bit more creative with the rain and the white and gray skies. For instance, a visit to our garden for some macro photos gave us this close-up shot of two rain drops on top a nopal penca (cactus pad) to be used as a possible wallpaper for your desktop computer. If you would like other Antigua Guatemala wallpapers for your computer, please, take a look at the wallpapers category. I hope you like options available there. Let me know either way.

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