Antigua Guatemala Municipal Traffic Police Trainees

Antigua Guatemala Municipal Traffic Police Trainees

Aspirante PMT printed in t-shirts means ‘aspirant’ for the Municipal Traffic Police (PMT abbreviation in Spanish). The proper word for traffic, as in vehicles, is transito although tráfico is also used; mostly because people don’t realize that tráfico in Spanish means the action of dealing or trading in something illegal. That’s the word of the day for you.

With new mayor, more police were hired to organize and protect the citizens of La Antigua Guatemala. PMT can also means Policí­a Municipal de Turismo (Municipal Tourist Police); that’s the police with green uniforms. Now there are so many different police entities (national, army, tourist and traffic), yet La Antigua Guatemala is not a safe town yet. 😉 So, please, always be careful while in La Antigua Guatemala; don’t be fool by its tranquil atmosphere.

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